Using GNBD with Global File System in RHEL 4.5

Using GNBD with Global File System in RHEL 4.5

Configuration and Administration

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This book provides an overview on using Global Network Block Device (GNBD) with Red Hat GFS.

Table of Contents

1. About This Guide
2. Audience
3. Software Versions
4. Related Documentation
5. Document Conventions
1. Using GNBD with Red Hat GFS
2. Considerations for Using GNBD with Device-Mapper Multipath
2.1. Linux Page Caching
2.2. Fencing GNBD Server Nodes
3. GNBD Driver and Command Usage
3.1. Exporting a GNBD from a Server
3.2. Importing a GNBD on a Client
4. Running GFS on a GNBD Server Node

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