Red Hat Cluster Suite

Configuring and Managing a Cluster

Table of Contents
1. How To Use This Manual
2. Document Conventions
3. More to Come
3.1. Send in Your Feedback
4. Activate Your Subscription
4.1. Provide a Red Hat Login
4.2. Provide Your Subscription Number
4.3. Connect Your System
I. Using the Red Hat Cluster Manager
1. Red Hat Cluster Manager Overview
1.1. Red Hat Cluster Manager Features
2. Hardware Installation and Operating System Configuration
2.1. Choosing a Hardware Configuration
2.2. Cluster Hardware Components
2.3. Setting Up the Nodes
2.4. Installing and Configuring Red Hat Enterprise Linux
2.5. Setting Up and Connecting the Cluster Hardware
3. Installing and Configuring Red Hat Cluster Suite Software
3.1. Software Installation and Configuration Tasks
3.2. Overview of the Cluster Configuration Tool
3.3. Installing the Red Hat Cluster Suite Packages
3.4. Starting the Cluster Configuration Tool
3.5. Naming The Cluster
3.6. Configuring Fence Devices
3.7. Adding and Deleting Members
3.8. Configuring a Failover Domain
3.9. Adding Cluster Resources
3.10. Adding a Cluster Service to the Cluster